About AccuTurn

Our objective is to meet our customers’ needs quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Our turnkey abilities help to take the unnecessary delays and costs out of your machining projects.

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Turnkey Machining Center Services

FocalPt3GraphicAccuTurn’s turn-key capabilities include material purchasing, machining, welding, corrosion resistant cladding, NDE, EDM, sawing, pull proof testing, stress relief, sand blasting, water jetting, coating, freight, and shipping capabilities.

Building on the large diversity in materials used at its sister welding company, AccuTurn has gained an immense amount of experience machining unique materials such as inconel, duplex, stellite, super duplex, and armacor.
<h2>Integrated manufacturing</h2>
In collaboration with its sister companies, AccuTurn has performed a much broader range of manufacturing processes than most machine facilities. AccuTurn can handle purchasing materials, welding, corrosion resistant cladding, NDE, sand blasting, and coating within our own companies.

In addition, AccuTurn has the resources to perform stress relief, water jetting, sawing, EDM, and pull proof testing.