AccuTurn Machining Project Gallery

AccuTurnCaseHist-136x82Situation: After requesting a quote on an extremely large 6-8 week project, a long-time customer discovered — with 7 days remaining until the shipping deadline — that no purchase order had been placed, and it was facing penalties of $9,000 and more for each day of delay.

Solution: AccuTurn mobilized its crews for round-the-clock shifts to complete the entire job in 7 days. We called in favors from materials suppliers, and expedited purchasing and receiving material, sawing, machining, welding, inspecting, stress relieving, pull testing, coating, and parts delivery.

Bottom Line: The entire job was completed and loaded onboard ship by the original delivery date, and AccuTurn’s prompt response and extreme customer service helped a valued customer to avoid significant penalties and delays in an important project.